WordPress Website Design

WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System which is used by millions of websites throughout the world.  These days it is the only platform we build sites in, and we've never looked back. The advantages of rebuilding or creating a new site in WordPress are: 

Ease of updating the site

It is easy to change existing content and add new content through a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, with a toolbar similar to Microsoft Word. It is much easier to use than Drupal and other older web design tools.

The content will be dynamic

Dynamic content means that it can be used in different ways, a basic example is that the sub-page menus which appear at the top of each page would be created automatically. Information contained on the site could also be syndicated to and from other websites via RSS.

The website will be more findable

WordPress sites are set up so that they are better found by search engines such as Google. We can also add functionality to further improve the site’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to extend the scope of your potential audience.

The site will be future proof

You may be finding it difficult to add new sections to your current website. Due to the way WordPress sites are constructed, this would be easy in the future.

User Permissions and moderation

WordPress allows access control to be set up. For example, staff members will be able to add content to the site, but this could be held in a moderation queue until checked. Equally we could restrict the capabilities of different users who are still building their confidence with WordPress so they cannot edit the structure of the main site by accident.

Add new functionality

WordPress is always being actively being developed, with plugins being published which add new functionality on a daily basis. This means that it will be easy to make changes and add new features to the site in the future.