About SCIP

Our clients are primarily charities, voluntary, community organisations and other not-for-profit groups. We also welcome enquiries from companies who are looking for an ethical, high quality IT supplier.

Our work grew from public meetings that began in 1995 and we've been formally constituted since 1997.

We believe that appropriate use of information and communication technologies (ICT) can bring huge benefits to local communities in terms of sustainability, empowerment and efficiency. We aim to:

  • Empower communities through the use of IT by equipping people with the skills and confidence to use IT as part of the community development process
  • Connect communities by facilitating the sharing, management and archiving of information, and improving the quality and accessibility of community information
  • Enable and support charities, voluntary and community organisations to use IT effectively to further their own aims
  • Share our experience and learning through consultancy and mentoring with social enteprises and other IT organisations specialising in the sector

Social enterprise

SCIP is a social enterprise, so we charge for most of our services. However all our income is reinvested into SCIP or the communities we support.

We do not generally work with companies or individuals who are using technology for commercial gain, but we will sometimes work with them as partners if it helps bring benefits to the community.

Our values

SCIP is a social enterprise, a non-profit lLimited Company that receives grant funding as well as charging for some services. We are committed to:

  • Helping charities and community groups make best use of their resources
  • Tailoring technology to meet people's needs
  • Promoting accessibility
  • Working in an ethical way that builds trust and strong relationships
  • Delivering high quality services to all our clients and users
  • Sharing experience and skills with others
  • Offering services at the lowest sustainable cost to maximise participation and support for all
  • Ensuring contributions from all sections of the community
  • Playing an active and positive role in the communities of which we are a part