Cloud Computing

The way organisations store and manage their data is changing.  Until recently maintaining costly servers was the only practical option for charities with more than a handful of staff.  

Over the last year we have helped many of our clients move to cloud-based computing, saving them thousands of pounds in installation and maintenance costs.

What is cloud computing?

The cloud is the generic name for a way to store your information on the Internet – rather than on a physical servers in your office.

Why is Cloud Computing good for charities?

Google and Microsoft now offer their cloud-based solutions free of charge to registered charities.  We know that many of our clients work from home or on the move, and cloud-based solutions allow full access to all your data and email systems wherever there is an internet connection.

How do I move my organisation to ‘the cloud’? And what does it cost?

We can help your organisation smoothly migrate from your current set up to the cloud , and provide training to help you get used to it.  There are no initial set up charges or ongoing charges like traditional software,  and no capital expenditure on hardware to worry about.  The only cost to factor in is our technicians’ time, and once the new system has bedded in most clients find that they need our help less and less, thus reducing their annual I.T. costs.

What if we are not a registered charity?

In the long run cloud computing can still work out cheaper than buying expensive in-house servers which will need replacing in a few years as technology evolves.  Regular updates to the cloud software ensure that your organisation always has the most up to date systems available, and you can manage your I.T. costs on a pay as you go basis, with annual or monthly subscriptions – great for projects where long term funding is uncertain.