Hardware and Software


Hardware and softwareKitting out your office with an IT system is a daunting prospect for most people. If you’re running a charity or not-for-profit organisation, you may also be worrying about the cost involved.  That’s when we can help.

SCIP are used to giving tailored advice on the best systems to suit any organisation, whether you are just one person setting up a charity or a large organisation with staff and volunteers.

We’ll discuss with you your needs and budget and can help you order computers, laptops or tablets, depending on what will work with you.  We can also get them all set up for you.  We are an ethical company, and have been told horror stories by some of our clients about being missold expensive and unnecessary equipment in the past.  It is our promise to you that SCIP will never sell you equipment you do not need, and that we will always source the best quality possible for the lowest price possible.

Software Support

Changes in licencing laws mean that SCIP can no longer purchase software on behalf of charities.

However we can provide advice to charities about where to get Microsoft, Adobe and other products at vastly reduced prices, and help you jump through the hoops you need to in order to receive them!

We provide full support for setting up and troubleshooting (if neccessary) the software which our clients rely on daily.

And if you are struggling with a particular program, we can provide training to increase your confidence.