Website Design

These days almost every organisation has some form of online presence.  A website is your window to the world, and should reflect your services and your ethos in the best way possible.

Why is SCIP different?

SCIP has been building websites for the voluntary sector since the first days of the internet, and we understand that the needs of charities and not-for-profits differ from those of the commercial sector.  But that doesn’t mean that their sites shouldn’t look and feel just as good!

We work with housing associations, local authorities, churches, meditation centres, health promotion charities, and a wide variety of other clients, and adapt our style to suit the area of work of our client.

How we build websites

SCIP don’t blind our clients with science or intimidate them with technical language about how complicated web development is.  We discuss your requirements, and plan your website around how it can best reflect you and your projects, offering advice about ever-evolving online solutions which you might not have heard about and tips about how to get your content found by Google.  We can also assist with e-commerce and online donations, and increasing or setting up your social media presence. All of our websites are built with accessibility standards in mind, with clear information flow and an awareness of service users’ needs.

We ensure that your website is built using clean, attractive design principles, is appealing to potential funders, and easy to find on the web – making sure that we give you the best online presence possible whatever your budget. We also provide training so that you can update your website in the future, as often as you wish.

All our websites include:

  • Installation and adaptation of an open source content management system (CMS) for publishing the site – we recommend WordPress;
  • Development of a website design to ensure the site has a distinct identity and maximum impact; incorporation of existing branding or design of new logo sets;
  • Ensuring the site is flexible so can adapt to future changes;
  • Providing training to staff and volunteers in managing and updating the information on the site, as well as uploading their work in a variety of media;
  • Testing the site to ensure it complies with accessibility standards inc. WCAG 2.0;
  • Ensuring that the site displays well on popular devices and browsers (is ‘responsive’;
  • Maximising SEO and Setting up Google analytics;
  • Support for user testing to ensure the site is appropriate for and meets the usability needs of its audiences;
  • Documentation to cover the processes needed to update the site.
  • Providing managed hosting if required for a low annual charge, or making the site live at your web host of choice.

What next?

We will be uploading a brand new online portfolio of our web design work very soon, but in the meantime please do give us a call if you would like to discuss your requirements, and lets see if we can work together.