Mobile Website Design

Over 60% of people now access the internet via their mobile phones and this figure is rising daily. For some people this is a matter of personal preference, and for others mobile phones are their only way of accessing the web as a result of social deprivation or other factors.

These days it is incredibly important that your organisation’s website is viewable on all devices.  In the commercial world potential clients might pass you by in favour of your competitors if they can’t find out about your services online. In the voluntary sector the concern is that your potential service users won’t get the help they need if your website doesn’t not display correctly – or at all.

SCIP’s approach to responsive website

Smart phoneA responsive website simply means a site which responds to the type of device it is being viewed upon, and dynamically moves its content around to display correctly. We have been designing responsive websites since it has been possible to do so, and also ensure that our sites display on different browsers on the same device. For example many NHS practitioners need to access websites use Internet Explorer rather than Mozilla or Chrome, and we bear this in mind when developing community sites.

Modernising your existing site

What if you’re not planning on updating your website in the near future? We can still take a look at your current site to ensure it is suitable to be read on other devices until you do. Usually we can do this for under £250, depending of course upon how long ago your existing site was built.


If you’re not sure whether your site is ‘responsive’ or not, try viewing it on a range of devices and browsers. The site should be easy to read and navigate from all platforms. You can also try resizing your browser window so it is the size of a tablet or mobile phone and see what happens.