The SCIP List

The new SCIP List is back!

The SCIP email discussion list was set up in 1998 as a forum for local people to share community news and ideas. It's a friendly, community-minded place to ask and answer questions and keep in touch with what's going on in the community. That includes charities, community groups, public bodies and others who want to share useful information

SCIP [Sussex Community Internet Project] is a not for profit organisation based in Brighton, UK that provides IT support, web design and training to charities and not for profit organisations across the south east of England.

The SCIP list covers a range of topics of interest and value to the local community, which have become an established part of the list's culture. It is managed by a moderator who makes sure that we stay true to the original ethos, but still allows for positive growth and change.

We do not accept advertising for events which are run for private profit but we do encourage people to share information about training, events, listings, information about fundraising and other news.

This list is moderated on behalf of SCIP by Mark Walker.

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