The SCIP List

How to join the SCIP List

  1. Send a blank email to [email protected] with no subject line
  2. Wait a few minutes and check your email
  3. Reply to the message from Yahoo
    You will recieve an email from Yahoo asking you to sign up for all Yahoo’s services. You can simply reply to this email to join the SCIP list. You do not need to sign up for Yahoo.

How to send a message to the SCIP list

  1. Join the list as above
  2. Send an email to [email protected]
  3. Your first message is moderated, to prevent Spam – if you find yourself waiting longer than a day please email [email protected] to check whether it has worked properly.

Going on holiday?

If you are going on holiday and want to stop receiving SCIP list messages, try the following:

Which email address should I use?

Do you want to send a message to SCIP but don’t know which email address to use?

  • To send a message to all the members of the SCIP discussion list – use: [email protected]

Remember, you’ll need to be a subscriber to the list before you can do this.

Further Information

For further details Contact us

List rules

  1. Membership of this list is open to all and is for the use of individuals and organisations based in Sussex with an interest in their local communities. Its goal is to provide a channel for communciation which can aid community development, whilst covering a range of technical, social and economic issues.
  2. Subscribers are actively encouraged to post information, suggestions, ideas and questions on topics which meet the aims of the list.
  3. SCIP will also use the list to disseminate information on, and encourage discussion about, its work, events and other related developments in Sussex.
  4. By joining the mailing list you are deemed to have agreed to abide by the list guidelines.
  5. Discussion is not regulated, but membership is moderated by SCIP who maintain the right to revoke subscriptions for those who transgress these guidelines.
  6. Issues with the moderation of the list may be taken up by sending a message to [email protected]