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A Ray Of Sunshine From SCIP – Our Prices Stay The Same

Amongst the economic gloom of the cuts and the budget, we can offer a small ray of sunshine.

Our prices are firmly staying the same. As a strictly “not for profit” social enterprise we plough all our surplus straight back into improving our services.

So we are very pleased to say that we have made improvements to our efficiency and have reduced our costs whenever we can, so we can safely absorb inflationary prices increases by our suppliers and won’t be passing them on to you. We have now held our service prices steady for three years and will carry on doing so as long as we can. Our fixed hourly rate is still just £50 an hour, around £30 less than most of our competitors.

SCIP are absolutely committed to helping you deliver the wonderful social benefit you do, by providing high quality IT services, help and advice to ensure your IT makes your work easier. We have been working very hard to keep abreast of new tech and improving our existing solutions to make sure your IT is fit for both purpose and your budget.

If you want to discuss your needs, our prices and details of our holistic integrated high quality IT services please call us on 01273 234049 or send an email to [email protected].

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