Protect Your Confidential Data With SCIP

Protecting your data has never been more important.

This month Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust has been fined £325,000 after computer hard drives containing confidential information on thousands of patients were stolen.

We take security issues seriously at SCIP and  we are offering a new low-cost encryption service to ensure your laptop or PC is completely safe.

Low-cost solution

For just an hours fee of £50 we will encrypt your laptop so that it cannot be opened without a password or a recovery disk.

SCIP Technical director Andy Fairhall said :

”Laptops are particularly at risk as you take them out and about while you work. There is more risk from it being stolen or lost. If you have confidential client information on your computer, it could be a disaster. Data must be protected and it is your responsibility to do so. We can help, so even if you do lose your laptop, you can be sure no-one will be able to access those records.”

The encryption software is free and SCIP are happy to advise you on how to do it yourself. However, if you pop your laptop into the SCIP office, we will install the software in around four hours for just £50.

If you want to book the encryption service, call SCIP on 01273 234 791 or email [email protected]