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New Logo

With the new website we decided to refresh our logo. Our logo has been around for a few years and its recognisable.

There are two schools of thought about developing a new logo:

  1. Go for a total rebrand
  2. Make small changes in increments.

Much has been written about companies who have had a disastrous re-brand, imagine what would happen is coca cola decided to have a new logo. Many companies opt for a refresh and in many cases we don’t even notice the changes. Examples of recent refreshes are Google and Amazon.

We spoke to the lovely Lila Hunnisett who works with us on many projects and she came up a selection of variations.

We decided to change the colours and use a more modern font,  and removed the vertical lines.

old logo

our new logo

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If you are interested in developing a new new logo, get in contact and we can see how we can help you.

Photo by Max Braun

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