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Keeping WordPress up to date

Most of the websites we build use WordPress and the content management system. We think content management systems are fantastic and allow you to easily publish content. However, it is important to make sure WordPress and all your plugins are up to date.

WordPress typically publish three new versions per year. We are currently using WordPress 4.00 with WordPress 4.10 being published in December. Every time a new version is produced a list of vulnerabilities is published. Unfortunately hackers use this list of vulnerabilities in order to find ways of hacking into your website. On top of this plugins, which add additional functionality to WordPress are updated regularly.

We have a solution, Infinite WordPress, which allows us to connect together all our websites through a single dashboard, see what needs updating and make sure everything stays up to date.

Speak to Mark if your are interested in finding out more.

Photo by Nikolay Bachiyski

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