Investing In IT Saves Cash For The Credit Union

East Sussex Credit Union is one of a growing network of not-for-profit banking services that is breaking the mould of high street banking across the UK, and beyond.

They offer a trustworthy home for your savings and provide sensible borrowing and banking options for people who may otherwise face outrageous high street interest rates or be left to the mercy of loan sharks.

Although based in Brighton much of the growth in business has come from rural parts of East Sussex and Chief Officer Colin Holden has been keen to create a mobile service that can be delivered in people’s homes. Given the sensitive nature of the data that they deal with it has been a huge challenge but they have now created a completely secure system which they call ‘Credit Union-in-a-briefcase’ used by staff around East Sussex.



Colin recently came into the SCIP video studio (ie a meeting room in Community Base) and explained how their investment in IT has been a central plank in building their service, and the role that SCIP plays in meeting their objectives. You should be able to view the video above or see on YouTube at


If you want to know more about SCIP’s IT Support contracts, or how we can help you find funding to support your investment, please call Andy Fairhall on 01273 234049.