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SCIP warns to beware of hoax Microsoft calls.

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Here at SCIP, we talk to lots of people about all manner of things. The weather,  the new season of Mad Men and of course, computers.

In the last few months, both Mark James and Andy Fairhall have heard from more and more people receiving calls at home from people claiming to be from Microsoft.

Often calling from India, they may warn the householder that their computer is infested with viruses and that they can clear them if they give remote access to your account.

They then try to sell anti-virus software. In fact, these calls are little more than a scam and you should be very wary of them.

Technical director Andy says; “You will always be able to find some bugs on most computers but it’s not a big problem. The trouble is, they ring at home and confuse people with very technical talk which can be quite scary. Really they are just trying to sell you anti-virus ware. While that’s not illegal, they shouldn’t scare people to buy their products.

“Our advice at SCIP is to say no, put the phone down and call us if you’re still worried.”

Anyone working with elderly or vulnerable clients may want to give them warning about these calls as the companies tend to target them.  Warn your clients not to give remote access to their computers to anyone calling up out of the blue. Microsoft say they do not call people directly, unless they have reported a problem.

Here’s an article from The Guardian with more information about the problem.


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