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"Hello my name is Diane Fazackerly. Welcome to the William Moon web pages. This site will introduce you to the life and work of the inventor of Moon Writing. I have been blind all my life and now use a wheelchair. I both read and teach Moon and serve on the Moon committee UK"

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The Man: William Moon LLD (1818-1894) The Man: William Moon LLD (1818-1894)
The Place: Queens Road, Brighton (1846-1998)

The Place: Queens Road, Brighton (1846-1998)

Moon Code: Today and Tomorrow Moon Code: Today & Tomorrow
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Why Moon?

William Moon's story is a Brighton story albeit a little known one. It is a story of innovation and achievement, but also one of the demands of progress. In his lifetime William Moon helped bring the pleasure of reading to blind people all over the world.

Today his tactile alphabet is being re-assesed for use with computer technology. In putting this story together we discovered other blind innovators at the forefront of transforming communications for the visually impaired. And, as our sight is affected by both age and the rigours of space travel, that may mean all of us in one way or another...


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